My grandfather Masutaro Takamura was the first chairman of Tokyo’s famed Tsukiji fish market. I have been told that he worked with Prime Minister Ichirou Hatoyama to relocate the market from Nihonbashi to Tsukiji. He was a pioneer in the restaurant business and I think his great ambition was to develop better circumstances for food culture in Japan. I grew up in a family that for generations influenced the food culture of Japan.                               

Continuing in this tradition, I designed and produced tableware for the upscale New York dining scene for many years. I have gained extensive knowledge of and experience with both Western and Eastern dining cultures. I also intimately understand the dynamic relationship between presentation and taste.

Observing restaurants and other businesses, the majority of business owners try to differentiate themselves from their competition and seek opportunities to define a unique image for their business. For example, I believe that the final presentation of a dish is the chef's domain, however it would be very interesting if I would have an opportunity to consult and work with restaurants to make suggestions or apply my own extensive experience and my artistic understanding to help define a special sensibility.                                        

With my own private kiln in my Hamptons studio, I am able to fabricate prototypes for mass production or to produce a limited edition of dining ware for an individual client or special occasion. 

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