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New York City, NY.

Alltown, PA.

New York City, NY.

New York City, NY.

New York City, NY.

New York City, NY.

New York City, NY.

Delray Beach, FL.

Washington, DC. 

East Hampton, NY.

New York City, NY.

Yokohama, Japan

New York City, NY. 

New York City, NY.

New York City, NY.

Chicago, IL.

Harajyuku, Tokyo.

East Hampton, NY.

West Hampton, NY.

Riverhead, NY.

New York City, NY.

Province Town , MA.

New York City, NY.

Long Island City, NY.

Long Island City, NY.

Verbank, NY.

New York City, NY.



Purchase, NY.

New York City, NY.

Layton, NJ.

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Selected Collection and Corporate Commissions, Ceramics.


            KDD America.                                                                                                                       

            Bodine Aluminum, Inc.                                                                                                          

>>>     Mita South Carolina, Inc.                                                                                                       

            Daiwa Securities America, Inc.                                                                                             

            Perry Ellis Men' wear.                                                                                                          

            Toyota Tsusho America Corporation.                  

            Nagase America  Corporation.                                                                                              

            Morikami Museum.                                                                                                              

            The White House Christmas  Collection.                                                                             

Ceramics designed for Furnishing Departments and selected store.

            LongHouse Reserve In store.

>>>     Takashimaya New York.                                                                                                     

            Barney's Japan.                                                                                                                    

Ceramics designed for the tables of Restaurant


           The Tea Box Restaurant, Takashimaya,                                                                                 

            Blue Hill Restaurant                                                                                                               

            Honmura -an                                                                                                                           

            Suntory Restaurant,                                                                                                               


Fund raising Auction

           2010-2012         Long House Reserve             Summer Gala                                                   

           2009-2010         Family Counseling service    Summer Gala                                                  

           2009-2010         Maureen's Haven                   The homeless                                                    

>>>    1999                 “The Best of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.   Christie's Auction.    

           1993-1996         Province Town Art Museum      Aids fund                                                   


Event Decoration

>>>     2010                  Lake Isle 20th anniversary at Rubin Museum of Art .

Additional Professional Experience


           1979-1980          Isamu  Noguchi.   Studio Assistant on assignment.                                                              

           1979-1980          Kenmochi  Interiors.   Carpentry  on assignment.                                         

           1982-1983          Tal Streeter.  Studio Assistant, Large-scale sculpture commissions.            

           1983-1984          David Stolitz.Technical Consultant,Large-scale sculpture commissions.    

           1977-1978          Test Driver,  Autmobile Magazine.                                                               

           1978                    Mr. Craft & Mizorogi Racing Team.                                                             

Teaching Experience


           1986-2003           State University of New York, College at Purchase                                               

                                       Adjunct Associate Professor, 3D Media Division.               

                                       Responsible for ceramics program.                           

           1997                    Parsons School of Design, Ceramics, product Design Department.                     

           1984                    Peters Valley, Visiting Ceramic artist, Instructor.